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How it makes you go further

breathe easier

Here is a straightforward illustration of the three key benefits you get when using Sol fuels.

Increased mileage

Sol Go Further delivers up to 10 kilometres further with every tank!* When injectors suffer from flow loss as a consequence of deposit build up there will be a direct impact on the combustion efficiency
 of the vehicle. This loss of efficiency can be measured as a reduction in fuel economy and an increase in emissions. Sol Go Further removes these deposits, delivering improved fuel economy to both diesel and gasoline users.

Reduced maintenance

Sol Go Further reduces downtime by limiting corrosion and resulting filter blocking in the fuel system. In diesel, this improves engine life by up to 35% through 
a low-corrosion, low-sulphur formulation and extends fuelling intervals through better mileage and reduced foaming.

Breathe easier

Sol Go Further diesel reduces particulate emissions by up to 43% through a lower sulphur base fuel and the ‘breathe easy” formulation unique to Sol. According to UNEP, Particulates (PM) cause cardiopulmonary disease and lung cancer and is a contributory factor for respiratory infections, asthma and bronchitis. The sulphur level used in Sol Go Further diesel is a critical vehicle technology breakpoint, combining with the unique Sol ‘breathe easy” formulation to allow for the use of cleaner engines and technologies like filters and significantly reducing related particulate emissions.

*Based on average driving conditions in a 2.0 litre engine with a full 50 litre fuel tank.